Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Visits Mercer Island Boys and Girls Breakfast (Photo Gallery)

The Seattle Seahawks head coach had plenty to say about the past NFL season, a potential owners lock-out, the NCAA and how to live life with a passion.

NFL Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll appeared as keynote speaker of the (MIBGC) 2011 Breakfast fundraiser this morning at the former Boys and Girls Club/building on West Mercer Way. 

Introduced by MIBGC board member Lance Lopes, Carroll complimented the club for their hard work, vision and persistence in achieving their goal of building the new on 86th Avenue SE. 

"Passion is everything," he said. "Above all, to make it to where we did, to accomplish something at the end of the season like we did, the most important thing was our mentality."

In a freewheeling question and answer period, Carroll took questions from the audience on the past NFL season, a potential owners lock-out, the NCAA, and a question about how to stay motivated from MIBGC 2010 Youth of the Year Tyler Goolsby. He also discussed being fired by the New England Patriots.

"My counselor tells me it's good to talk about getting fired," he said with a grin. "To get it off my chest."

Concerning the possible NFL owners lockout, he said nothing would happen until the NFL Draft, but a likely lock-out had already slowed down or stopped off the flow of players on the transfer market.


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