ART: 'A Dozen Muses' Opens in Mercer Gallery on Jan. 7

The first Mercer Gallery art show of 2013 will open at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center and feature several Eastside artists, including Mercer Island's Seiko Konya.

The Mercer Island Arts Council announced its first show of 2013, titled "A Dozen Muses", will open on Jan. 7 at the Mercer Island Community & Event Center.

"A Dozen Muses" is comprised of artists who are diverse in their media and aesthetic interpretation. Artists in the show, such as Kirkland's Joanne Shellan and Mercer Island's Seiko Konya, share active membership in the Eastside Association of Fine Arts and their lives intertwine as members of other arts organizations and galleries. They have shared work on committees, exhibitions, and the many tasks involved in creating their individual careers and running arts organizations, all involving sincere commitment.

The show runs from Jan. 7 - Feb. 22, and an artist's reception will be held on Jan. 10.

Members of ADM have garnered awards in including EAFA-sponsored open and member shows, and are regularly juried into other local and national fine art exhibitions. In addition, their works have been featured in national arts publications.


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