Community Art Walk Debuts Thursday at South-End Shopping Center

The monthly '3rd Thursday' Art Walk is a showcase for local artists, old and young, and organized by the city-sponsored Mercer Island Arts Council.

Designed to promote local artists, the  and  bring their annual  to the South-end for the first time on May 19 to the — commonly known as the South-End Shopping Center.

"Picasso Portraits", "Screamers" animals and handmade ceramics — all made by local students — have been on display since May 9 and will feature in this year's debut for the monthly Community Art Walk this Thursday from 5:30-8 p.m. Local merchants and the Arts Council agreed to divide the 3rd Thursday art walk between the South-End shops and three separate areas of the Town Center district.  

The free event, which also features live music and a prize drawing, is supported by the following South-end businesses:

Each of these businesses will feature either music played by students or art created by Mercer Island students.


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