North Mercer Island QFC Holds 'Re-Grand' Opening All October

All month long, the North-end QFC will feature special discounts on a variety of groceries and fresh produce to celebrate the re-opening of the store Oct. 10 and the expanded area of the store dedicated to kosher foods.

The North Mercer QFC held it's Grand Re-Opening on Oct. 10, unveiling an expanded kosher section and other store improvements. 

And while the celebration cake has long-since been served, QFC's "Re-Grand Opening" continues the deals and an increased amount of food and drink demonstrations at the store for an entire month, changing weekly. Residents will find the deals each week in circulars mailed to their homes or wrapped in with the Seattle Times or Mercer Island Reporter.

Old-time residents might remember that the site of the North Mercer QFC used to be a Thriftway, according to former QFC Wine Steward Dee Hitch. The site remained empty for three years before QFC moved ther in 1994. Remodeling an abandoned grocery store which was already dated took almost two months.

"There was one tweaking a few years ago, but this current remodeling was extensive," Hitch said.

Major changes at the North Mercer QFC will be kosher deli, kosher seafood and kosher meat departments, to help meet demand from Mercer Island's sizable Jewish population observing those dietary restrictions. The wine department also has an expanded kosher section.   

"We got more room by closing off one entrance and expanding where the wine department used to be," said store manager Kevin Wise. "But most importantly, the aging refrigeration cases were replaced with energy-efficient appliances.  The energy savings will offset the remodeling cost." 

In addition, Customers have commented about the new signing along the aisles, including many more signs above each aisle and the signs are more descriptive.

When hard spirits were added to grocery shelves, the wine department expanded behind the produce department. A much larger wine cellar and chilled wine section were added also. Wine tastings will now resume. This week's wine special (Oct. 17-23) is 15 percent off 6 bottles.  

"Employees and customer are relieved that the remodeling chaos is over — just in time for the upcoming holidays," said Hitch. "Come see the floats, royalty, cheerleaders and band and then stop by to visit the New QFC!"

The Mercer Island High School homecoming parade is this Friday at 4:30 p.m. through the Town Center.  


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