POLL: What Is Going on With Gas Prices?!?

Regular gas is averaging more than $4 a gallon on Mercer Island. How is it affecting your commute?

In case you somehow missed it, gas prices are taking a meteoric rise on the Eastside.

On Mercer Island this afternoon (Thursday), the price for regular unleaded gas at the and is back over $4 per gallon. At , it's $3.99 ( is closed temporarily for renovations). That's over 50 cents more than what it was last month. 

Gas prices usually follow a seasonal pattern of rising in the spring and falling after Labor Day, but this month's increase is unusual. Last year, prices headed north of  and stayed there for much of the spring and early summer. 

There's lots of speculation about the rising gas prices. Some say speculators are behind it. Others attribute it to a recent fire at a Bellingham gas refiniery this month.

What's for sure is the price is going up, and there's no roof in sight. So we put the question to you, Patch users. Is the increasing cost of gas affecting your lifestyle?


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