Shorewood Heights Moves Forward on Pool, Spa Plans

Owners of the 600-unit apartment complex on Mercer Island have filed a land use application to build a 985 square-foot pool and spa for complex residents.

Shorewood Heights Apartments appears to be moving forward on plans to construct an outdoor swimming pool and spa near the center of the complex with a target date of completing the project by June 2013.

A land use application was filed with City Hall on Dec. 19 by owners Oly-IDA Shorewood Heights LLC, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Realty Management Company of Seattle, to construct a swimming pool and spa for resident use.

Shorewood Heights Apartments is an apartment complex on 45 acres containing more than 600 rental units. It also contains a 24 hour fitness center, child play areas, tennis courts, and basketball.

The pool and spa, 985 square feet of water surface combined, will be surrounded by approximately 2,000 square feet of new decking near the apartment complex's Pavilion Activity Center, which is located next to Building 41.

The moderately-sized recreational pool is planned to be 16 feet wide and 34 feet across at its widest point, is about 5 feet deep at it's deepest point, and is L-shaped, according to the application. The spa is proposed to be 8 by 12 feet in size. Plans call for the pool and spa to be operated during daylight hours only. The pool area also includes construction of bathrooms and a mechanical room, and the pool will be heated using natural gas-fired boilers.

Excavators propose removing approximately 850 cubic yards of material from the site for the pool and spa, and roughly 380 square feet of the existing patio will also be removed. The project area covers 2,150 square feet, and at it's steepest point, the site has a 22 percent slope. The pool deck will be situated approximately 7-9 feet above the ground on three sides, and surrounded by a low fence. The pool will match the grade on the fourt side, an existing patio.

Construction could begin as soon as February, and could run through to completion by June 2013, according to the application. The proposal is currently in the design review process and the city is accepting public comment on the project until Feb. 5.


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