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We've got more than one way to submit your letters to the editor. Post your letter to our Local Voices section.

Got opinions on Mercer Island, or anything else? Want to make sure your viewpoint is heard throughout the community? Want to thank someone publicly?

You can post your letter to Mercer Island Patch. We've got more than one way to do it.


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We've got more than one way to submit your letters to the editor. Post your letter directly to Mercer Island Patch, and your letter could appear in our Local Voices section. "Local Voices" is also featured in our daily newsletter, which can be delivered FREE in your Inbox each morning.

And, if you feel like it, you can use that forum to post as many times as you like, as often as you like, perhaps creating a .

You can still send a letter the new "old-fashioned" way, via email: mercerisland@patch.com.

Please remember that all letters reflect the opinion of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Patch. All blog posts and letters may be edited.

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