Email to the Editor: Senior Center New Year’s Thank you To Community

Senior Center Manager Jobyna Nickum shares her appreciation for the community of Enumclaw, in prose.

The year 2012 is coming to its close,
Final reports and contracts are due-
Packing up paperwork and one last party
But wait… there is one more thing we must do!

The Enumclaw Senior Center is thankful
For all those who help thru the year
With programs, classes and services,
Who donate money, share a smile, & keep the cheer!

We are thankful to the service groups,
Who do so much for the elderly –
Lions Club who help with pancakes
And new glasses so folks can see!

Big thanks to the Rotary Club
Who help us all year long–
Holiday dinners, donations, summer picnic
With BBQ hamburgers, watermelon & happy song !

Thanks to the Kiwanis Club
For Food Bank help to seniors too
And the Helping Hand Fund
For the “Helping Hand” work they do!

Thanks to the individuals
Who just walk through the door:
And write us checks and drop off money
To help us do this service – we thank you all the more!

And thanks to those volunteers,
Who give of their time and of their hearts,
Who answer phones, and dish up meals
And wash the dishes and share their smarts!

Those volunteers who teach the classes
And those who visit the lonely and sad.
And those who play the music and songs,
That makes our Center feel so glad!

Special thanks to Plateau Outreach Ministries
For working with us hand in hand
Helping out those seniors in need-
In any way that they can.  

How thankful to the City of Enumclaw
For recognizing the needs
Of the seniors in the City the way you do..
Nothing would be happening..
Without the City of Enumclaw
And what you do.

For those of you in town
Who took tags off the Holiday Giving Tree.
You gave a senior a gift…..
More than a gift, you gave them “community.”  

Thanks to the Muckleshoot Tribe Scholarship
And Enumclaw Regional Healthcare Foundation as well!
And to the Allegro Women’s Ensemble
Without financial support, a lot of things wouldn’t be so swell!

Oh “Thank you” Elvis and Neil Diamond!
For the Cherry Cherry” concert in the Fall!
And thank you to the Enumclaw Garden Club
For our beautiful tree – enjoyed by all!

Special thank to FOP
Better known as Friends of the Plateau
Who put on the Bite and Boogie
And donate to community- don’t you know?!

Simply Soup – oh who to thank
All those who make this work!
The community groups that cook,
The many volunteers that do not shirk!

For three years now, once a month
We gather ages – young and old
Bring your own bowl & spoon
And enjoy yummy soup- its never cold!

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors is new
Starting last February – we started to talk
And then on December 28th –
A group of community volunteers –
They “walked the walk”!

Neighbors will feed their senior neighbors
A hot nutritious meal when they can’t cook.
The only city in King County to do this-
WOW – our community spirit is showing,
If you just stop to look!

So,  as 2012 is coming to a close
And a NEW YEAR is about to start…
Enumclaw Senior Center can only say
THANK YOU ENUMCLAW, truly, from the HEART!

Mark January 01, 2013 at 07:55 PM
I Thank the Enumclaw Patch for bring us so much LOCAL News that if you where not here On-Line for Us we wwould Never Find out about. Yes we have had a Local News Paper that comes out once a week. (It had a Office Here In Town, But No Longer Does. & has really gone down Hill, & now Is Free, it has mostly AD'S, than New's) So I really Thank-You for Picking Enumclaw, to becoome one of the Patch Family of City's, in your Network All over the Nation, Thank-you, & Happy New Year to You All and Your Staff, and the People Of Enumclaw, Buckley & Black-Diamond Area.
Susan Etchey January 03, 2013 at 12:32 PM
I double that comment about the PATCH! What a benefit to us all! It is unfortunate that "hometown" print newspapers and weeklies everywhere have become just one of many conglomerate holdings of a central publisher and stripped of adequate staff so they can make more profits. For these publishing groups, profits come from being awarded govermental contracts for the legal advertising, a huge source of revenue, and large chain store advertising, while the people buying the paper became insignificant. They have lost their personal touch and deep commitment to covering all the news. Don't believe the largest publishing company around here does not make a lot of money. It keeps buying up local newspapers because the profits are terrific, especially when you don't have to hire enough writers to report all the news. Really, the people who buy and read these fishwrap papers need to start demanding better.
April Chan January 03, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Thanks for your support, Mark. One point of clarification though: I did check at the C-H office on Cole and they are very much still there and operational. There are good folks working at the paper, doing what they can. :)


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