Letter: Super PACs on Mercer Island?

Resident and former 21 CFPC member Carol Gullstad writes in a letter to the editor that donors to the "NO" school bond campaign are concealing their identity.


One of the most disturbing developments in the school bond campaign is the arrival of Super PACs on Mercer Island. Super PACs raise unlimited sums of money and can advocate any position. They are built for negative advertising and run attacks under a cloak of anonymity. They answer to no one and can make any claim without substantiation. Think Big Tobacco and Swift Boat. Two Super PACs on the Island are financing the NO campaign against the school bond. One is financed by a few people and publishes the names of only six men. Another NO “group” lists only one person as a member.

This contrasts sharply to the YES campaign’s public list of 1,200 supporters.

Why won’t the NO campaign tell us who they are? What is their agenda? Why are the NO signs only placed next to public property YES signs and not on individual homeowner lawns? Why are the YES signs systematically disappearing and being vandalized while NO signs remain untouched? I know what the YES campaign wants - to build new schools.

What does the NO campaign really want and why won’t they publicly tell us who they are? Why did they run a full page ad in the with no names and no disclosure? Where is the transparency from a handful of people who use fear vs. facts? Why won’t they stand behind their words and actions? Why would we let a Super PAC hijack an election?

Carol Gullstad

Helene March 28, 2012 at 02:46 PM
CMIPs is also a super PAC (Political Action Committee).
Jon H March 28, 2012 at 04:20 PM
It is nonsense that such hyperbole is used by either side. What matters more is the ideas and arguments put forth to support or oppose the measure. If the electorate is swayed by the number of signs on Island Crest we have bigger problems. Get informed, read the information put forward by the various groups and make an informed decision.


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