Letter to the Editor: MIVAL President Thanks Mercer Island Community

MIVAL President Susanne Foster issues a hearty thank you to Mercer Island.

Dear Mercer Islanders,

Thank you for your support of our many art events in conjunction with 's 50th Anniversary in 2011. Huge thank-yous go to the Mercer Island Community Fund and the who both gave funds to make last week's culminating events, our festive Luncheon at the for over 100 attendees with guest speaker Derrick Cartwright (former SAM Director), the production of a historic booklet (available at MIVAL Gallery), and the Historical Gallery Show at the Community Center possible.

MIVAL, your local group of about 100 artists, is grateful for your enthusiasm when we open our shows at the Community Center, at the , in business venues and as part of . We enjoy business exposure in the , as well as some MIVAL members having been asked to be involved in the recent planning of the new at the . You also might have enjoyed our art works at and young artists' works at the at who we thank much for their ongoing annual support. We are always humbled by the kind support of our monthly meetings at in 2010 and at in 2011. And not to forget our — thanks for announcing and covering our activities!

Please always keep art in your heart! Thank you, dear Community!


Susanne Foster
MIVAL President


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