Moms Talk: Great Friendships

Remember the Girl Scout song, "Make New Friends, but keep the old, One is Silver and the Other's Gold?" Make sure you show your kids the importance of old friends.

My daughter,, was intrigued with the graduation cards and thoughtful gifts sent to her by my old friends. She wanted to know who they were, so I described my best friend from 6th grade (I know, that's rare!), and my best friends from high school, college, and law school. She was particularly impressed with a recent Christmas card photo of my law school roommate and her family on top of Mount Adams. She felt this friend was clearly a good fit for me.

So recently, when planning a special event to celebrate a best friend's 50th birthday, I made sure I took the time to share with my daughter  the details of our planning. I wanted her to see our enthusiasm as we thought of ways to make the evening special, and also the effort we put in to make the night surprising and memorable for the birthday girl. 

I told my daughter that I wouldn't be surprised if several of her current friends send her kids cards and gifts at their graduations. She will explain to her kids how these friends were special to her, and why the enduring friendship made it so natural for these people to acknowledge the milestone, even if they have never met.

The connections we make with others can provide such good examples for our kids--I'm reminded to show my kids good examples of friendship so they will learn to enjoy the same. 


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