Moms Talk: Summer Reading

Have you found a way to keep your kids interested in reading during summer?

often have reading programs designed to inspire kids to read over the summer, usually including a colorful reading log to keep track of hours or books read. In my last visit to the I grabbed a table in the Teen Section where I found bookmark-sized cards with a lists of award-winning and otherwise recommended books. The titles were so enticing, I brought the list home.

But at my house parental encouragement (read strong-arming) is sometimes needed to get the reading started. We usually make sure our kids have at least one book they are "working on." To balance out electronic influences, I often resort to a requirement that a certain number of minutes of reading occur before the TV or Xbox can be turned on.

Getting the kids to open the cover of that first book can be a challenge, but once inside the right book, the book takes over. Sometimes it takes just one book in a good series to start a reading rampage. Remember the "Owl" books, Captain Underpants, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the Cherub series? When kids get hooked on a series, there's the bonus of not having to wonder which book will be next.

Libraries have on-line reservation systems that make "on-line shopping" for books fun. And websites like Powells.com and Amazon.com provide all kinds of fun ways to search for books.

DeAnn Rossetti June 23, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Also, Diane, there's a gal at Island Books named Lori (Kay and Nancy also help in the kids/teens area) who are great at finding just the book to get your kid or teenager hooked into reading. Island Books also helps the schools with book fairs all year, so they're invested in the Mercer Island community in a way that Amazon and Powells can't be. Roger and company have helped Nick find great reads for years, and he grew up with some of their sturdy games that defy a toddlers ability to tear them apart. Its a great asset to MI, and one that I am deeply envious of, considering that Maple Valley has no bookstore, alas!


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