The View From Mercer Island: $4 Gas

Gas prices hit $4 all across the Island this week. Here's a few shots of what I saw around April 12 and 14.

Every Sunday, I'd like to set aside a spot for myself and Mercer Island Patch users to put photos that highlight Mercer Island, whether it be a special event, a celebration, a beautiful view or person. That's what The View From Mercer Island is for.

It's easy to dive in and take part. See the lower right corner of the photo where it says "add photos"? Click on it and upload your photos here!

So here's what I got: 

The View From Mercer Island: 4 p.m., April 12, Pete's South Mercer Chevron.

That's Mercer Island resident Yi Zhu, 17, working the pumps at Pete's Chevron. I asked him if he thought gas prices were a little high. He'd just returned from a road-trip to California with his family and saw prices approaching $5 per gallon there.

"We put it up to $4.04 last Wednesday," he said. "It does seem a little higher than normal."

The last time gas prices were this high on Mercer Islan was October 2008.

A customer filling up a black SUV, who gave her name as Linda, said she would rather drive the six or seven miles next time to the nearest Costco to fill up. Some membership wholesalers, such as Costco, sell gasoline at lower profit margins, resulting in lower prices.

"I think (the gas prices) are crazy," she said.

The prices were lowest Wednesday at for a regular gallon of unleaded at $4.04, while it was $4.05 at the and the .


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