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Each week, I'll pick two or three of the most interesting story or Facebook comments, questions, or Twitter tweets sent to Mercer Island Patch.

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I found the information easily by searching Mercer Island+event venues. It is common sense... people looking for event venues put in key word searches. The City of Mercer Island does not need to hire more consultants... it seems we are consultant heavy and thin on results. Tweak the Community Center website, do some outreach to your target audience , and market to your past customers. There are so many costs associated with a name change.

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The tremendous outpouring of community support this morning at the Breakfast of Champions was only possible because of the dedication, support and strong collaboration between the Schools Foundation and the Mercer Island PTA s. The Mercer Island Schools Foundation is proud to partner with PTA to help Bridge the Gap. It is with gratitude and appreciation that we thank the Mercer Island community for the generosity shown today. If you missed the Breakfast, it is not to late to help Bridge the Gap. Please make your donation today athttp://mercerislandschoolsfoundation.com/donate!

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In response to "everyone has one" - go to the Parent Peer Group meetings and find out the truth. We have three boys (10-16 yr) without electronic gadgets. No contracts/allowances. We pay for needs. They pay for wants. Love, respect, listening, and family fun times seems to be working so far.

Via Facebook: Janet Frohnmayer in response to a post related to our story, :

Love it! 


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