What Did You Say? Aug. 1 - 6

Each week, we pick two or three of the most interesting story or Facebook comments, questions, or Twitter tweets sent to Mercer Island Patch.

terri commented on:Business News: Want to Buy Alpenland, a Delicious Piece of Mercer Island History?

Wow, no more homemade soup and pretzel rolls with mustard! SIGH! We will miss you SO MUCH. Thank you for the many years of providing excellent culinary service to our community. Congratulations and good wishes on your retirement.

Robert Konzek commented on:Viewfinder: The Blue Angels practice

Love the sound of freedom over Mercer Island!

Sarah Waller commented on:Library Fines Ain't No Joke

Michelle, Pay the fines and be thankful for what an incredible resource we have. The MI library offers free meeting space, computer help for new users, and a helpful staff to answer our questions. I am still amazed I can download books, rent cd's I want to burn, watch movies I haven't seen or want to watch over and over, and order online almost any resource I need and it is delivered to the library and they notify me when it has arrived. I can go to the library and print up to 75 copies a week at no charge if my home printer isn't working. I can go to the library and read newspapers from around the world and browse through magazines. The staff has always been accommodating in helping me find information or at check out. People don't always word things properly and have bad days so try not to define your experience based on one person's comment. As for your wet book...it was your swimsuit that caused the damage. Next time, buy a poolside paperbook from Roger or go to the Thrift Store and buy a used book. That helps all of us.


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