What Did You Say? July 24-31

Each week, I'll pick two or three of the most interesting story or Facebook comments, questions, or Twitter tweets sent to Mercer Island Patch.

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I tried to "voice my opinion" on Reichert's website. The server was done, site not responding.... Very frustrating. His office does not appear to be ready to listen.

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Fear-mongering for political gamesmanship right now is not necessary. You should be above this

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Richard Mitchell is defending the indefensible in north King County. The local firefighters are struggling against the Fire 

Commissioners who are ballooning administrative staff and decreasing the number of actual firefighters. Richard Mitchell is the attorney OPPOSING the firefighters in this endevour to maintain safe neighborhoods in Woodinville. If you support keeping your community safe, then do NOT vote for Richard Mitchell.

Read more at Woodinville Patch: 

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Get to know your neighbors and become informed on public safety programs and emergency preparedness. This is a great annual event ... so go to an event on your street or organize your neighborhood!

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Those studies were blatantly dishonest and those factoids should not be repeated anywhere reputable. When they looked at bankruptcies they counted anyone with ANY medical debt as having a "bankruptcies associated with medical issues". So owing $200 to a doctor and $1000000 on a house and you're in that 46.2% (or over 60%).

Sure, health costs can be immense and some people genuinely go bankrupt primarily because of medical debt but it is nowhere remotely near those percentages.

Some links (more are easy to find, those studies were comprehensively debunked):http://healthblog.ncpa.org/medical-bankruptcy-myths/ 



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