Drill Alerts Mercer Island Youth to Dangers of DUI

An annual demonstration organized by the Mercer Island Fire Department was held at Mercer Island High School on May 18.

The , along with the Bellevue Fire Department, local ambulance service AMR and the MIHS Drama Club, demonstrated an annual simulation of a drunk-driving accident on May 18 at .

The drill, according to a city press release, is designed to make a visual impact on both sophomore and senior students and demonstrate the consequences of deciding to drink and drive. The students are exposed to the events that occur from the moments after impact through the response of both local and fire departments.

As students watched, firefighter EMTs triage which simulated victims are "DOA" (dead on arrival), critical, and non-emergent. During the simulation, one patient expires after receiving CPR, some are taken to the hospital, and one is arrested for DUI. Participants in the enactment are comprised of students from the MIHS Drama Club, which adds a personal effect to the experience. During the drill, the event MC reads from the bios of the participating students, and relates the consequences this event will have upon their lives.  

The drill has traditionally been presented in spring, but at the request of the school will now be held each fall.

For additional information, contact Mercer Island Fire Deputy Chief Steve Heitman at steve.heitman@mercergov.org.


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