Drug-Tainted Candy at High School -- Mercer Island Police Blotter

The following information from Nov. 13-21 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Mercer Island High School staff turned over to police some lollipops possibly laced with drugs, as well as a plastic baggie with a white powder in it, on Nov. 19.

Nov. 13

Jewelry stolen

Jewelry valued at about $100,000 was stolen, along with an iPad, from a home in the 5700 block of 92nd Ave. S.E. The victim came home and found the back door open, with drawers open and the house rummaged through. The victim collected and makes jewelry. There was no sign of forced entry.

Suspect shoots air rifle at building

A 20-year-old Mercer Island man was arrested at the West Wind Apartments in the 3000 block of 80th Ave. S.E. after a witness reported seeing him shooting an air rifle at an adjacent building. A window was found with four holes in it. Two air rifles were taken as evidence from the suspect’s apartment.

Nov. 14

Pedestrian hit by car

A 53- or 54-year-old woman was hit by a car while crossing against the light in the 7700 block of SE 27th Street just after 5 p.m. The woman suffered a knee injury.

Identity theft

A 61-year-old woman reported having two credit accounts opened fraudulently in her name, with a theft of more than $1,500 Nov. 12.

Nov. 15

Ex-employee impersonating lawyer?

A 60-year-old former city employee is suspected of calling the city of Mercer Island pretending to be a lawyer and asking for information on employees. The Renton resident has reportedly been seen on City Hall property after his termination from the city.

Nov. 16

Paintball gun stolen

Police received a report that someone had stolen a paintball gun from a man’s storage unit in the 9000 block of East Shorewood Drive. The theft occurred sometime between Nov. 7 and Nov. 15.

DUI suspected

Police arrested a 56-year-old Spokane man on suspicion of driving under the influence at about 2 a.m. after stopping him for multiple lane travel violations. The driver said he’d had one beer. Police say he failed field sobriety tests and had an initial blood alcohol level of 0.143.

Nov. 19

Burglary interrupted

A  58-year-old man believes he interrupted a burglary in the 3200 block of 74th Ave. S.E. after hearing a noise in the back bedroom. He found a rear window open that should have been locked and dresser drawers partially open. Nothing was reported taken.

Guitars, other items stolen in break-in

A 60-year-old man reported that his house was broken into in the 4100 block of 80th Ave. S.E.  Electronics, computers, watches, knives, jewelry and guitars were reported stolen.

Nov. 20

Identity theft leads to hefty phone bill

A 39-year-old man reported that his personal information, including his Social Security number and old home address, was stolen and an AT&T phone account was opened, accruing $2,886.15 in charges.

Forced-entry burglary reported

A 17-year-old boy came home to find a woman stealing items in his parents’ house in the 4300 block of West Mercer Way. She ran out the front door and drove away.

Identify theft reported

A 76-year-old woman reported that several credit cards had been opened fraudulently in her name.

Nov. 21

Mercedes vandalized

 A 40-year-old man reported that the tires on his Mercedes-Benz 240 were flattened and it was keyed on the driver side from bumper to bumper while he was at work between 2 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Nov. 20 in the 8400 block of SE 68th St. Damage was estimated at $1,000.


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