Kirkland Firefighters Use 'Jaws of Life' To Rescue Man Trapped Under Van

The man, in his mid-50s, apparently failed to set the emergency brake on his van while parking on a steep driveway in the Highlands neighborhood. The van rolled over on its side and pinned him underneath, causing serious injuries to his ankles.


The driver of a van that rolled onto its side in the Highlands neighborhood of Kirkland Tuesday will likely not again forget to set the emergency brake, after apparently failing to do so and getting trapped under his vehicle, seriously injuring his ankles.

Kirkland firefighters had to stabilize the vehicle with a tow truck and chains and air bags, then used a power cutting tool known as the “Jaws of Life” to get the man out.

“It was a pretty technical rescue, and the guys did a fantastic job,” said Battalion Chief Joe Sanford of the Kirkland Fire Department, who was on the scene. “In just under an hour we had him out, and took him to Evergreen Hospital.”

The incident occurred at about 3 p.m. Tuesday at a house in the 9500 block of 112th Avenue NE with a steep driveway with a turn. Kirkland Police Department spokesman Lt. Mike Murray said the man, who had been driving a tall work van, forgot to set the emergency brake and tried to get back in the vehicle after it began rolling.

The vehicle ended up on its on its side, with the man’s legs underneath. “Apparently his ankle was crushed,” Murray said.

Kirkland police investigated and Murray said no charges will be filed. The man was said to be in his mid-50s.


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