Mercer Island Library Patron Accuses Bus Driver of 'Indecent Liberties'

A King County Metro Access driver said he was buckling a passenger's seat belt on Dec. 19 aboard his bus in the Mercer Island Library parking lot when the alleged sexual assault occurred.

A bus driver allegedly sexually assaulted a man visiting the Mercer Island Library on Wednesday, Dec. 19, but authorities say no charges will be filed.

The 55-year-old victim told police that he was visiting the library from Seattle and had returned to a Metro Access paratransit bus at 3:40 p.m. when the forcible sexual contact occurred.

The driver was trying to tighten a seat belt when he took indecent liberties and twice touched the victim’s genitals with the back of his hand, the victim said. He also told police he believes that the bus driver purposefully touched him on his genitals for sexual gratification.

MIPD spokesperson Cmdr. Leslie Burns said the case is no longer being investigated because investigators found no compelling information a crime was committed.

"Once the driver was identified, he was not listed as a suspect because there is not compelling information that a crime occurred," she said. "The driver indicated to the officer it is his responsibility to check the security of the seatbelts on his passengers."

King County Metro Access is the public transit agency's paratransit service offered for disabled and elderly residents and contracted out to various companies. The bus involved in the incident is run by Solid Ground, a Seattle-based human services provider.

Jeff Switzer, a spokesman for King County Metro, said the agency had no information about the incident.


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