Mercer Island Man Accuses Sister of Stealing At Least $166,000 from Mom: Mercer Island Police Log

A Mercer Island man accused his sister of emptying their mother's bank accounts, even though he has power of attorney.

A Mercer Island man told police that his sister drained their mother's bank accounts, taking out $166,000 with one check written to herself, according to Mercer Island Police Department records.

The man told police on Feb. 5 that his mother, who lives on Fortuna Drive, granted him power of attorney after his sister, who lives in White Salmon, WA, would not provide information on the financial accounts that she controlled for her mother.

According to the police report, the man and his mother went to her credit union and bank and found out that one of her accounts was empty after the sister wrote a $166,000 check to herself in December, and the other account was left with $100 in it. The credit union then refused to give the mother copies of her bank statements, the man told police.

The information on this incident came from the Mercer Island Police Department press board. 


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