Open House Thief Nabs Gold Jewelry, Diamonds — Mercer Island Police Blotter

The following information from Nov. 30-Dec. 9 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Residents of a home in the East Seattle neighborhood told Mercer Island Police that theives had stolen jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars while they were hosting an open house.

Police investigators say the theives struck the home on the 2400 block of 60th Ave. SE sometime between Nov. 25 and Nov. 29. The residents said they became aware that several items of jewelry — valued at over $25,000 — were missing, and reported the valuables stolen on Dec. 5.

They told police that the the theft likely occurred sometime during an open house to attract potential home buyers.

Not all of the jewelry was stolen; the theives appeared to have targeted the most valuable items and left others behind. The stolen jewelry includes a diamond necklace with shared gold hearts, an 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and sapphire ring, a 14-karat pearl and diamond bracelet and an 18-karat yellow gold and chalcedony/diamond ring.

Police report no suspects in the case.

Nov. 30

Siblings Turn in Sister for Forgery of Father's Checks
Two children of an elderly resident turned over evidence that their sister — also a Mercer Island resident — was forging checks in her father's name. The 48-year-old woman is alleged to have stolen $2,650 from the victim in forged checks between Nov. 1-12.

Dec. 2

Knife Stolen From Garfield Landing Home Garage
The resident of a home on the 5900 block of SE 30th Street reported three of his vehicles, including an Audi A3 and a vintage Ford Custom, were prowled while parked inside an open garage and in his driveway sometime between 10:30 p.m. Saturday and 3 a.m. Sunday. A Benchmade-branded knife was the only property reported stolen.

Dec. 3

Key Chain Found in Local Park
A set of keys reportedly picked up in an unknown Mercer Island park was turned in to the Kirkland Police Department as found property. KPD did not have the location of the park in their report, and turned over the keys to to the MIPD on Dec. 5.

Purse Stolen From MI Presbyterian Church
Parishoners of Mercer Island Presbyterian Church reported the theft of a woman's purse from an unlocked classroom at the church sometime between 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. The brown Coach-branded wallet contained a checkbook and several credit cards.

No Injuries in T-Bone Crash at SE 68th and Island Crest Way
A 32-year-old driver of an Acura TSX on the 6800 block of Island Crest Way ran a stop sign at 25 mph and crashed into the side of a Toyota Camry at a four-way stop at SE 68th Street. Both vehicles were damaged but airbags protected the drivers from injury. The Acura driver was later cited for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Dec. 4

Physical Therapy Patient Re-injured in Parking Lot Accident
A woman sitting in her parked Chevy Tahoe SUV at the Island Corporate Center parking lot was struck by another vehicle backing into her at 3:58 p.m., causing her back pain. The woman said the man denied hitting her car and drove away, and wasn't sure if the pain was a result of the accident or her physical therapy appointment.

Ladder Stolen From Lakeside Home
An elderly resident of a home on the 7600 block of East Mercer Way reported a metal ladder stolen from outside his home between 7:30 a.m. and 9:50 p.m. The ladder is valued at $250.

Brakes Fail in Island Crest Way Car Accident
A woman driving northbound on the 3400 block of Island Crest Way collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee at 9:32 a.m, causing minor damage but no injuries. She said she saw the traffic ahead but was unable to stop in time to avoid a crash and her brakes were not operating properly.

Dec. 5

Man Steals City Leaf Blower From Truck
A city maintenance worker said a Hispanic man driving a silver Chrysler took a leaf blower from the back of a city truck at around 8:40 a.m. and drove off. The leaf blower is valued at $500.

Identity Theft Victim Loses Money From Bank Account
A 39-year-old woman said someone had used her social security number to fraudulently transfer over $1,500 from her bank account at the local Bank of America branch sometime between Sept. 22 and Nov. 12.

Fraudsters Hit Local Man's Bank of America Account
Bank of America contacted a 38-year-old man concerning attempts to set up another bank account with Chase Bank using his Social Security Number and transfering his money there.

Paint-Ball Gun Stolen From Locker
A 38-year-old resident of Shorewood Heights Apartments reported that a paintball gun, valued at $249, was stolen from a storage locker sometime between Nov. 26-Dec. 1.

Resident Reports Rolex Stolen on 2008 Las Vegas Trip
A 60-year-old resident reported the theft of his Rolex watch during a 2008 trip to Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel/Casino after he learned that Rolex keeps a registry of all stolen watches in case one is sent in for repairs.

Bar Patron Walks Out on Lunch Tab
The Roanoke Inn reported a bar patron walked out of the premises after lunch around 3 p.m. without settling his bill for food and beverages.

Fender-Bender at SE 40th St & ICW
A Bellevue woman in a BMW turning southbound on Island Crest Way from SE 40th St. in the outside turn lane said a Mercedes-Benz GL 550 turning next to her moved into her lane, causing her to strike the curb to avoid a collision and causing damage at 2:10 p.m. She later claimed the man's car also hit her. Police could not find any evidence of the two cars colliding.

Dec. 6

Another $2,100 in Copper Pipes Stolen From Aviara Construction Site
A contractor at the Aviara Apartments construction site on the 2400 block of 76th Ave. SE reported a second theft of copper pipes and tubing, valued at $2,100. Over from the same building site.

Heirloom Jewelry Stolen in Madrona Crest Burglary
Mercer Island Police are investigaing a home burglary that occurred on the 8400 block of SE 36th Street sometime between 8:20 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. The burglar(s) forced their way into the home through a rear sliding glass door. A "significant amount of heirloom jewelry" was taken, including a white gold diamond ring and a pair of diamond earings.

Dec. 7

Police Arrest Known Scofflaw For DUI
Police arrested a 20-year-old resident for DUI after the Toyota FJ Cruiser he was driving was stopped on the 3500 block of East Mercer Way at 3:05 a.m. for a suspended registration. Officers immediately recognized the man as not having a driver's license and noticed he had been drinking alcohol. He failed several field-sobriety tests and later provided a breathalyzer test of .121 and .119. He was later released to his father.

Man Arrested for DUI on East Mercer, I-90
A 28-year-old man driving a green Subaru Legacy on the I-90 westbound on-ramp from East Mercer Way was stopped by police after he was unable to maintain his lane. The man admitted to "drinking a lot" and was arrested, and later provided breathalyzer results of .257 and .264.

Two Vehicles Vandalized in Mercerdale
A 24-year-old resident of a home on the 3400 block of 80th Ave. SE reported a Volkswagen Golf and a Toyota Tacoma truck were damaged overnight, with damages estimated at $750.

Cars Vandalized at Island House
A resident and staff of retirement community Island House reported two vehicles — a Ford Explorer and a GM Yukon — were vandalized in the building's parking garage between 2:45 - 4:50 p.m. The driver's side door locks had pry marks next to them, but no indication that the vehicles were entered.

Man Threatens to 'Shoot Up' House During Argument
A 21-year-old Seattle man damaged a car and threatened to "shoot up" the home of a 25-year-old woman at 10:30 a.m. on the 6000 block of 88th Ave. SE if she called police. Police said the couple had a "dating" relationship. He had broken the rear window and driver's side mirror of her Toyota Camry.

SUV Damaged While Parked at Salon 106
A woman working in Mercer Village Shopping Center parked her Toyota Highlander near Salon 106 at 10 a.m. and returned at 7:30 to find her rear bumper cracked.

Dec. 8

Drunk Driver Found Parked in Middle of 76th Avenue
Police arrested a 29-year-old woman for DUI after she was found running the engine in the driver's seat of a Nissan Altima while parked in the middle of the road on the 2400 block of 76th Ave. SE. The local woman failed field sobriety tests, provided a portable breathalyzer test of .159 and was arrested.

Prada Red Leather Purse Stolen From Thrift Shop
Volunteers at the Mercer Island Thrift Shop reported the theft of a red leather Prada-brand purse at 1:30 p.m. The purse was valued at $35.

Dec. 9

Drunk Youth Crashes Vehicle Into Utility Poles on West Mercer Way
A 21-year-old driver of a gray Scion was arrested soon after he crashed into two PSE utility poles on the 7200 block of West Mercer Way at 2:11 a.m., causing damage. He later admitted "losing control" of the vehicle to police and that he had been drinking. His blood alcohol content was later measured at .131.

(Ed. Note: The Mercer Island Police Blotter is not intended to be representative of all crime on Mercer Island, but is instead a representation of police activity from the persepctive of the MIPD.)

Kendall Watson December 12, 2012 at 03:42 AM
What is going on at Aviara? A BRE Properties rep told me two weeks ago that all the copper pipes had been installed — but it looks like that isn't the case, especially as the site is repeatedly burglarized.
Kendall Watson December 17, 2012 at 10:20 PM
I've since been told by sources with direct knowledge of the site that the copper pipes HAD been installed, and then removed by unknown burglars. This is actually the third report of copper pipe theft from the Aviara site in the past month.


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