Police Blotter: Drunk Father Assaults 13-Year-Old Son in Mercer Firs Home

The following information from Aug. 15-25 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

say a 13-year-old boy was assaulted by his drunk father on Aug. 23 at 10 p.m. in a late night argument at a home on the 6100 block of 90th Avenue SE.

The 49-year-old resident threw a chair at the teenager during a verbal argument and then chased him to his room, kicked through his door and threatened him. The father, still intoxicated and angry, later drove his son to a pharmacy. Child Protective Services was notified of the incident.

Aug. 15

Liquor Thieves Strike Again at QFC
A 50-year-old Renton man stole 4 bottles of liquor from the at 11:45 a.m. He drove off with the bottles of Hennessy Cognac and cherry-flavored Grey Goose vodka in a red Ford Taurus. Total losses were estimated at $146.96.

Aug. 16

Head-on Collision at West Mercer Way & Merrimount
A 71-year-old Mercer Island woman driving a four-door Lexus southbound on West Mercer Way collided head-on with a Chevy Astro van traveling northbound at around 25 mph at the intersection with Merrimount Drive. The woman said she was trying to read the roadwork sign while turning onto Merrimount, distracting her. The force of the collision carried the Lexus to bounce back into the southbound lanes and into a Toyota Camry. EMTs later treated the driver of the Toyota for dizziness, and police cited the Lexus driver for failure to yield.

Aug. 17

Motorists Trade Accusations in QFC Lot Collision
Two motorists accused each other of causing a collision in the North-end parking lot at 7:30 a.m. A 68-year-old resident said he was following a Volkswagen Jetta that had "cut a bunch of people off" at the . He was following the 19-year-old driver to record the license plate of the car. A nearby witness said he thought the teenage driver rolled backwards into the Chevy Suburban driven by the man.

Aug. 18

Lost Keys in Town Center
A 22-year-old man misplaced a set of keys in the vicinity of the 2600 block of 77th Avenue SE at 3 p.m.

'Hawaiian'-themed Bicycle Stolen From Park & Ride Lot
A red "cruiser"-style bicycle with white Hawaiian flowers on the tires and frame was stolen from the lot. The bicycle was valued at $200.

Aug. 19

Drunk Boater Carrying Marijuana, Coke in Pockets
Mercer Island Marine Patrol officers arrested a 38-year-old Kenmore man for BUI after he was stopped for a noise violation while boating in Lake Washington. Police determined the man had been drinking and was arrested at 6:15 a.m. for refusing to perform a sobriety test. A police search revealed a small amount of cocaine and marijuana in his pockets.

Aug. 20

Teen Drug Suspects Detained at Island Crest Park
Police detained two local teens after police received reports that possible drug use was occurring in . The 16-year-olds were located at 5:12 p.m. off one of the trails standing near a bag containing a glass bong, grinder, a glass pipe and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia, but police couldn't be sure they owned the bag.

Intoxicated Motorist Reverses BMW Off Driveway
A 21-year-old Bellevue resident was arrested for DUI after his BMW X3 was accidentally driven off the driveway of a home on the 7400 block of West Mercer Way at 6:05 p.m. The man was found unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech, and refused to take a field sobriety test.

Aug. 21

Wakeboard Stolen off Residential Dock
The homeowner of a residence on the 5800 block of East Mercer Way reported a wakeboard and bindings were stolen off of her boat dock. Losses were estimated at $500.

Squatters Occupy Abandoned First Hill Home
The neighbor of an abandoned house on the 2200 block of 71st Avenue SE near said "squatters" were occupying the home.

Aug. 22

DUI for Seattle Teen on I-90
Police arrested a Seattle teenager after the Honda Civic he was driving was pulled over on the 8200 block of Interstate 90 for failing to signal lane changes. The 18-year-old failed several field sobriety tests and a portable breathalyzer test. His blood-alcohol content was .107 — above the legal limit.

Skateboard Stolen from Walgreens
An Omen Pike long skateboard was stolen from outside the at 5:05 p.m. The 14-year-old owner left it there for a few minutes as he visited the store and when he returned a number of witnesses said they saw someone else take it.

Traffic Scofflaw Caught on North Mercer Way
Police pulled over a 33-year-old Seattle man on the 7600 block of North Mercer Way for a traffic stop at 9:59 p.m. and determined he was driving without a valid license. They impounded the Ford Taurus he was driving and later arrested, processed, and cited him before his release.

Vandals Target Car Parked Near
Vandals left large, deep gouges on the rear passenger side of a Honda Accord parked in a parking lot on the 2800 block of 75th Place SE. Damages were estimated at $2,000.

Aug. 23

Razor-Wielding Man Steals Cart From MITS
A 57-year-old Mercer Island man was arrested after he had stolen a metal cart from the 's loading dock at 5:45 a.m. Police later determined that the man was also a suspect in an Aug. 21 harassment case when he threatened to kill a man who lived across the street from the shop. He reportedly brandished a razor and threatened to cut out the man's tongue and slice open his abdomen, causing the victim to fear for his life. Police arrested him later that day in possession of a small quantity of marijuana.

Angry Mother Demands Police Arrest Son
The mother of a 13-year-old boy demanded her son be arrested following an altercation at 3:24 p.m. inside their home on the 4200 block of East Mercer Way. Police determined the circumstances of the disturbance did not warrant arrest and the teenager was transported to his father's/grandparent's home.

Man Passes Note to Ex-Companion, Violates Restraining Order
A 41-year-old resident of a home on the 4400 block of East Mercer Way reported a 44-year-old man with the same address had violated a restraining order by relaying a message to her via a mutual friend on Aug. 15.

Parked Car Blocking North Mercer Way Towed
A blue Ford Taurus was towed and impounded at 9:51 p.m. after the car was found parked within 8 feet of the center of the curved road on the 7000 block of North Mercer Way.

Car Window Smashed at Pioneer Park
The owner of a Honda Pilot SUV reported an object thrown at her car smashed her rear window at 9:45 p.m. on the 6700 block of Island Crest Way near . Damages were estimated at $250.

Aug. 24

Backpack Found in Mercer Island Estates
A backpack containing a keychain, goggles, clothing and other person valuables was found on the 8700 block of SE 71st Street at 12:48 p.m. and turned over to police for safekeeping.

BMW Vandalized at South-end Shopping Center
Unknown vandals damaged a BMW 328i sometime between 2:30 and 3:27 p.m. while it was parked in the South-end . The owner, a 53-year-old Ridgefield woman, found a golf-ball-sized scrape/dent near the rear passenger-side wheel well. Damages were estimated at $1,500.

June Theft of Turbochargers Reported
A resident of a home on 2900 block of 76th Ave. SE reported the June 26 theft of two UPS packages containing a pair of turbochargers.

Aug. 25

Thieves Cut Through Lock for Pricey Lemond Road Bike
A grey Lemond "Tour Malet" road bike was stolen between Aug. 23-25 from a common area at the complex on the 9000 block of East Shorewood Drive. The cable lock was found cut by an unknown tool. Total losses were estimated at $1,500.

Woman Tries to Pass Stolen Check at Wells Fargo
A 20-year-old Renton woman tried to fraudulently pass a stolen check at the local branch at 11:15 a.m.

Mercer Firs Resident Reports Damaged Mailbox
The resident of a home on the 9200 block of SE 61st Street reported her mailbox was damaged on Aug 24. The mail box pole had been bent and a landscaping rock moved from its place, and damages were estimated at $100.

BUI for Medina Man in Meydenbauer Bay
Mercer Island Marine Patrol arrested an 18-year-old Medina man for BUI as he operated a blue Cobalt motorboat in Meydenbauer Bay near Bellevue. A breathalyzer test indicated the man's blood-alcohol content was 0.174, twice the legal limit. He was arrested, processed and later released.


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