Police Blotter: Graffiti Mischief at West Mercer Elementary

The following information from Aug. 3-15 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

are investigating graffiti on several buildings and portable classrooms at discovered Aug. 15.

An unknown suspect or suspects used black marker and spray paint to draw faces and diamonds on the walls of school property. One of the drawings is a crude depiction of a face with slitted eyes and the name "Bruce Lee" above. 

staff said the graffiti appeared sometime between 6:30 p.m., Aug. 13 and 7 a.m. on Aug. 15. 

Aug. 3

Drunk Driver Crashes Into Telephone Pole on West Mercer

Police arrested a 22-year-old resident for DUI after he crashed his Volvo S80 into a telephone pole on the 6800 block of West Mercer Way. He was driving southbound at a "high rate of speed" and said he had been drinking and "driving aggressively" before the crash. His blood-alcohol levels were measured at twice the legal limit following his arrest and he was later released into the custody of his father.

Aug. 4

Knife-wielding Man Draws Blood in Assualt 

A 20-year-old man was arrested for assaulting another man with a folding pocket knife at a residence on the 2700 block of 78th Avenue SE at 10:20 p.m., causing injuries. The man was booked into the King County Jail in Seattle.

Aug. 5

Apartment Resident Car Keyed

A resident of the  on the 9000 block of East Shorewood Drive said her Lexus LS250 was scratched or "keyed" while it was parked at the apartment building. The 25-year-old woman said she was unaware that anyone might want to damage her vehicle or be upset with her.

Walgreens Manager Canned for Stealing Cash

A manager of the drug store was arrested at the store at 4:47 p.m. for voiding cash transitions after customers left the store on at least 3 occasions and pocketing the cash for herself. Walgreens security was investigating and the 52-year-old manager has been fired.

Bikes Stolen from Mercerdale Park

Two 13-year-old boys reported their bicycles were stolen at 5:30 p.m. from an area of near the skate park concealed by underbrush. They had decided to walk to with a friend on foot. When they returned a short while later, the bicycles were gone.

Aug. 6

Drunk Driver Strikes Baby Stroller on West Mercer 

A Mukilteo woman and her one-year-old daughter were uninjured after a local motorist struck the baby stroller the youngster was riding in on the 4000 block of West Mercer Way. EMTs arrived to assess the toddler but no aid was administered. The 22-year-old resident who struck the stroller with her Honda Civic was arrested for DUI.

Strange Man Tries To Lure Child on 88th Avenue

A 26-year-old mother out gardening with her two-year-old child in the yard of her home on the 3600 block of 88th Avenue at 2:30 p.m. when she heard an unknown man call out "Come here little boy," to her son. She stepped into view and the suspect fled south on 88th Avenue SE, hiding his face in his hands.

Aug. 7

Complaining Motorist Gets Ticket

A 25-year-old motorist complaining about a bush growing into the right-of-way on the 3400 block of 69th Ave. SE received a ticket for blocking the driveway of a nearby residence.

Aug. 8 

Employee Goes Rogue With Botox

reported the theft of several vials of Botox medication by a 53-year-old employee. The owner of the business said she had obtained a written confession from the employee that she had taken the drugs for unauthorized medical procedures by administering them to patients on her own.

Paddleboards Stolen from Waterfront Home

An unknown person allegedly took two paddleboards and a paddle from a dock and backyard of a residence on the 4700 block of Forest Avenue sometime between Aug. 3-6. Losses are estimated at $3,100.

Cyclist Crashes on Mercer Island Bike Path Problem Spot

A 56-year-old Seattle cyclist was speeding westbound on a bike bath toward the intersection of North Mercer Way and 76th Ave. SE when he crashed at around 5:55 p.m. Witnesses say a vehicle turned north across the crosswalk, blocking the intersection as the cyclist approached.

Aug. 9 

Thrift Store Turns Over Marijuana Baggie

Employees at the turned in alcohol, model rocket engines  and possible marijuana to police for destruction.

Aug. 10

Youth Busted for Smoking Pot at Luther Burbank

A 20-year-old resident was arrested for drug violations after police discovered marijuana and a glass pipe in his car at . Police detained the man and searched his Ford Escort after locating him in the south parking lot of the park at 11:45 p.m., well after the park had closed.

Aug. 11

Luther Burbank Car Prowl

A Kirkland man visiting Luther Burbank Park said the driver-side rear passenger window of his Honda CR-V parked in the south lot was smashed out sometime between noon and 3 p.m. His gym bag and laptop were stolen.

Aug. 12

Police Collect Guns at Bank

A manager turned over several guns in a safe deposit box after the owner had not paid for the box for 5 years. The Renton man's Colt .45 and .38 service revolvers were taken to the Mercer Island Police Department for safekeeping.

Washer Stolen From Woman's Home

Two brothers making home repairs on their 93-year-old mother's home discovered several large household items kept outside had been stolen. Some of the stolen goods include a lawnmower, a washer/dryer unit, and a galvanized steel water tank.

Aug. 13 

DUI Driver Found Passed Out Near Still-Running Car

A 30-year-old Seattle woman was arrested after crashing her car under the influence of alcohol on the 2400 block of 84th Avenue SE at 11:08 p.m. Officers responding to the sound of a crash discovered the woman's damaged Honda Civic still idling with the door open, and found the woman lying on the ground a short distance away.

Lice Knowing You Discovers Cash Missing

Police are investigating the disappearance of $550 in cash from the offices of head lice treatment clinic Lice Knowing You.

Police Arrest Foreclosed Homeowner for Trespassing in Old Condo

A 59-year-old man was arrested for trespassing after he tried to re-occupy his condo from which he had been evicted in late July in a foreclosure action. His 19-year-old son was also present and detained, but released without arrest.

Aug. 14 

Dog Bites Woman in Crotch

A 60-year-old woman was attacked by an off-leash dog at Luther Burbank Park at 10:30 a.m. The dog charged her and bit her in the crotch. She initially refused aid from Mercer Island Firefighter EMTs, but later changed her mind when she returned home and saw red marks on her skin.

Issaquah Man Commits Suicide at North-end Home

Police are investigating the apparent suicide of a 95-year-old Issaquah man by a single gunshot to the head at a home on 97th Ave. SE.


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