(UPDATED) Police Blotter: Indecent Exposure Teen Crashes Scooter, Taken to Hospital

The following information from June 15 - 20 was supplied by the Mercer Island Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Updated, June 25, 11 am: A detailed copy of the police report (provided to the right of this story) indicates the report was mistakenly labelled an "indecent exposure" call, but was actually filed as an "informational report".

(Ed. Note: Police blotters are prone to occasional misnomers and are not intended to reflect absolute fact, but rather to reflect police activity.)


responding to reports of indecent exposure on the 3700 block of 78th Ave. SE instead found a 19-year-old woman who crashed her Razor scooter as she rode north on 78th Ave. SE last Sunday, June 17 at 6:25 p.m.

The Kent teenager stuck her left knee on the pavement of the roadway, and then her head struck the pavement, causing a deep cut to the bottom of her chin. A ambulance was called to the scene and an EMT recommended she need stitches to close the wound. Her uncle arrived a short time later and took her to Valley Medical Center for treatment.

June 15

Retiree's Credit Card Fraudulently Charged $1,900
A monthly credit card statement came as a bit of a shock to a 67-year-old resident of a home on the 3200 block of 67th Avenue SE. She discovered fraudulent charges in the amount of $1,881 was made to her account during the months of April and May. A possible suspect was identified by investigators.

Youths Busted For Pot Possession near
A 20-year-old resident and his 19-year-old friend from Redmond were arrested on suspicion of drug-related offenses after a police officer stopped by their parked car at 9:37 p.m. on the 3000 block of 84th Avenue SE and noticed the odor of marijuana. After admitting to drug possession they were arrested, processed and returned to the green Toyota Corolla, criminal citations in hand.

Son Punches Mother, Goes to Jail
A mother and her 22-year-old son got into a verbal argument in the family's residence on the 4500 block of Ferncroft Road at around 11:06 p.m as she complained her son had stayed out late and should be packing for a trip the next morning. The argument escalated into him grabbing her by the arms and punching her on the arm with a closed fist. The son was arrested on suspicion of assault and battery.

June 16

Man Violates Ex-Wife's Restraining Order, Arrested
A 51-year-old man was inside the home of his ex-wife, in violation of a court order, at a home on the 8800 block of SE 37th Street at 12:19 p.m. Police took the man into custody and was booked into the Issaquah Jail, pending a court appearance.

Thief Swipes Girl's Bag at Mercerdale Park
An 11-year-old girl said her cloth bag with several belongings inside was stolen from the top of a picnic table in the northeast corner of sometime between 3:45 - 4:15 p.m. Approximately $19 in cash, a cell phone and her friend's book was inside the bag.

Cyclist Arrested For Issuing Death Threats in Lid Park
Police tracked down a 30-year-old Bothell man on the Interstate 90 floating bridge and arrested him after he threatened to shoot a 44-year-old resident. They began a verbal argument at around 10 p.m. inside a bathroom near the baseball field.

June 17

Oregon Man Arrested for DUI
A police patrol pulled over 24-year-old Portland, OR man driving a Cadillac CTS for a traffic stop on the 4100 block of Island Crest Way, at 2:48 a.m. and he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Several sobriety field tests indicated the man was significantly drunk, and was later arrested. He later submitted to a breathalyzer test, which indicated readings of .017/.016. The man was given a courtesy lift back to his car after processing.

June 18

Windshield Smashed With Piece of Wood
A resident of a home on the 4400 block of 88th Ave. SE found the windshield of his Volkswagen Jetta smashed at 9 a.m. with a piece of wood laying nearby. The man believed the damage was intentional and occurred overnight.

June 19

Speeding Driver Arrested on North Mercer Way
A 53-year-old resident was arrested on the 8600 block of North Mercer Way at 9:27 a.m. after a patrol officer stopped his silver Toyota RAV4 speeding at 35 miles per hour through a 25 mph zone. A check of his license and registration indicated his license was suspended and he was taken into custody and cited.

Sliding Door Smashed in on East Mercer Way
A 26-year-old renter of a home on the 3700 block of East Mercer Way discovered her rear sliding glass door was smashed while she was away on June 16 and reported the damage at her landlord's request. The woman said the residence did not appear to have been entered and nothing was missing. The room where the glass door was shattered was where she kept two large (80-100 pound) dogs.

Runaway Son Drives Off With Family Car
The resident of a home on the 6200 block of East Mercer Way reported her 17-year-old son had taken the family's Honda Accord at 2:45 p.m. against her wishes and said said he wasn't coming back. The teen has a habit of leaving home unannounced and staying somewhere else, and had packed a sleeping bag, flashlight, water and backpack in the car. She later turned over a black MTech Extreme folding knife to police that her son had left in the house.

June 20

Issaquah Arrest on Warrant
A 21-year-old Issaquah man was re-arrested at the Issaquah Jail on local charges on a misdemeanor warrant at 4:22 p.m.


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