'Smart 911' Service Now Available on Mercer Island

A regional service that enables residents to create personal safety profiles for first responders to use in the event of an emergency launched in December on Mercer Island.

Mercer Island Police are encouraging residents to consider creating a profile in the new "Smart 911" service available to all King County residents.

This service allows people to create "safety profiles" that can be seen by emergency responders when one calls 9-1-1. As little or as much information can be provided as one wishes. Information may include address, medical, disability, and security information. The supplemental data service is free and voluntary for all King County residents, and was launched in rural and unincorporated areas earlier in 2012.

People especially encouraged to register are those with medical or disability information. When one calls 9-1-1 from a cell phone, only the general location of the caller is provided, so registering a school, work, and home address can help responders locate callers more easily.

For additional information go to www.smart911.com.


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