WSP To Focus on Boating While Drinking During Seafair

Aug. 5-7, the Washington State Patrol and other agencies, including Mercer Island Police Department, will focus on boaters who are operating their vessels under the influence, according to the Washington State Patrol.

on Lake Washington will be an emphasis by the Washington State Patrol, during the Seafair festivities Aug. 5-7, according to a press release from the agency.

One of the largest Impaired Boating Emphasis efforts in the nation is being organized by the Washington State Patrol’s Impaired Driving Section and the , according to the state patrol. 

The participating agencies involved will include: Mercer Island Police & Marine Patrol, Washington Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Seattle Police & Harbor Patrol, King County Sherriff’s Office Marine Patrol, United States Coast Guard, and the Washington State Patrol.

This year’s event will once again be located at on Mercer Island. To accommodate the Marine Patrol Units, a temporary sixty foot dock will be located at the site. In addition, the Mobile Impaired Driving Unit will be on site. It is equipped with 3 breathalyzer instruments, two holding cells and serves as a command vehicle to coordinate with the various law enforcement jurisdictions participating in the emphasis.

To ensure safety at the scene, several large fenced detention facilities will be located to accommodate subjects arrested for boating under the influence, minor in possession or consumption of alcohol, and other violations. Several troopers or officers will be assigned to work security posts at these locations throughout the event. A prisoner support vehicle will be utilized to transport those persons arrested to the appropriate jail facility.

Additional DUI patrols will be scheduled throughout the weekend. They will focus their efforts on the roadways leading to and from the event. In addition there will be drug recognition experts available for drug impairment evaluations.

To assist in case preparation and any legal issues that may arise, members of the King County Prosecutors office will be on site to assist in the processing of the arrestees. Trained law enforcement officers and troopers are equipped to remove any vessel from Lake Washington if it is determined that it’s driver or passengers are impaired and cannot continue to operate it in a safe manner.

In 2007, during the Seafair weekend, 728 vessels were contacted. Of those contacts, 148 boating under the influence and 56 DUI arrests were made in King County and on Lake Washington.

In 2008, during the Seafair weekend, 83 boating under the influence and 47 DUI arrests were made in King County.

In 2009, during the Seafair weekend, 110 boating under the influence and 53 DUI arrests were made. Also, 7 minor in possession arrests were made and 688 vessels were contacted. No major boating collisions occurred.

In 2010, during the Seafair weekend, 463 vessels were contacted with 59 boating under the influence arrests and 3 counts of reckless endangerment of a minor. On King County roadways 54 DUI arrests were made.

The successful implementation of this maritime safety emphasis that is scheduled to coincide with the Seafair activities continues to provide a safe, enjoyable environment for all. It is estimated that between twenty and thirty thousand boats could participate in this year’s event. The number of attendees could exceed three hundred fifty thousand people. This event remains the highest attended summer event in Seattle.

-- Information from the 


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