Can You Guess These Locations in Lakewood?

The player with the most points between this week and last week wins the competition.

Pay close attention to the details as they provide clues. I'd say about 90 percent of Lakewoodians drive by most of these spots every day.

The player with the most points between this week and last week wins. Make sure you guess your answers in the comment box at the bottom of the story.

Editor's Note: It's time to put your keen observation of Lakewood to the test. This is a standing feature called Where's Patch? Every Thursday, Steve Dunkelberger—a self-proclaimed Lakewood know-it-all—will snap photos of five and sometimes six different locations in Lakewood.

It's your job to identify where he's located in the city.

Each correct answer is worth one point. The first person to submit all the correct answers each week also earns an additional point. Wrong answers will not be penalized.

The contest will publish at 4 p.m. every Thursday. Patch will release the answers and the top three scorers at noon every Monday. The person who records the most points at the end of two consecutive weeks wins. The winner will be notified in the "What Do You Have To Say" field box on the home page.

Register with Lakewood Patch (it's free) and be the first to submit your answers in the comment box. Patch will award both winners if there's a tie.

Check out each picture very carefully and let's see who knows Lakewood the most.

Good luck.

Debbie Billingsley September 16, 2011 at 08:56 PM
#1. The Over pass That goes into Madigan on one side and Tillicum on the other side. #2. The Bell steeple @ Little Church on the Prairie #3. The buss Barn for Pierce transit on 96th street #4. Along Pacfifc highway near Ponders. #5.Harry Lange park on American lake
steve swortz September 16, 2011 at 09:06 PM
Come on Dunkelberger…. Too easy this week 1. Freedom Bridge, Berkley St. overpass I-5. Looking east. 2. Little Church on the Prairie. 6310 Motor Avenue SW, Lakewood, WA 98499. 3. Pierce Transit Headquarters, 3701 96th St SW. Most likely photo taken on 96th and 39th 4. Looking South on Pacific Highway towards Ponders Grocery from Lakewood Auto body, 12126 Pacific Highway South. 5. Boat launch area at American Lake Park in Lake City. 9222 Veterans Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA, 98498


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