City Completes Rich Conrad Performance Review

City Manager Rich Conrad's first formal review in three years was recently made public.

The city of Mercer Island recently made public Mayor Jim Pearman’s just-completed performance review of City Manager Rich Conrad.

In the review, Conrad is given credit for helping the city cut its budget by 9 percent while avoiding layoffs and significant reductions in services. The review goes on to say that Conrad’s decisions have helped the city weather the current recession and maintain financial stability.

Conrad is also given credit for finding ways to privately fund the 2011 Summer Celebration fireworks show following the elimination of city funding for the event. The effort is used as an example of Conrad’s and the city staff’s ability to do more with less.

The review makes note of the , saying that the situation could have been managed better. The review states that Conrad must shoulder some of that criticism.

Two areas of concern mentioned in the report were Conrad's constant need to be reassured by the council, and a hope that he improves hiring practices.

The review concludes by saying that the city council continues to have faith in Conrad and hopes that he will refocus the city’s efforts and restore confidence in city hall.

“I’m delighted that the council gave me a positive performance evaluation,” Conrad told Patch in an interview.

This was Conrad’s first formal review since 2008. Pearman oversaw the review process, which involved interviewing city managers, staff and council members.

“It’s fair and accurate,” Pearman told Patch.

The mayor re-iterated that Conrad’s work has helped the city maintain its position as one of the most enviable locales in the region.

“This island is incredibly well managed,” Pearman said.

Jerry Gropp Architect AIA December 13, 2011 at 11:43 PM
Fellow Islanders- Rich Conrad has been an outstanding Mercer Island City Manager- I've seen a number of them over the years. Jerry-


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