City Re-Installs Pedestrian Islands at Island Crest Way Intersections

Pedestrian "refuge" islands at SE 46th and SE 48th streets and the mailbox drop-off loop on the 5200 block of Island Crest Way have been re-installed as road crews finish the city's largest summer road project.

The so-called Road Diet is complete and Island Crest Way is now a three-lane road, but city road crews continue to make minor improvements this week to the busy roadway, according to city officials.

The city said on Sept. 13 that its pavement marking subcontractor had completed all the pavement markings and installed the extruded curbing for the crosswalk refuge islands at SE 46th and SE 48th and the mailbox drop-off loop at the 5200 block. 

Aspalt paving crews from contractor Lakeside Industries have completed the last remaining areas of asphalt and have also placed topsoil and bark mulch along most of the new sidewalk areas.

The work remaining to be completed over the next couple of weeks, according to the city, was the installation of new signs, irrigation system repairs, concrete sidewalk pouring to finish off the mailbox/bus stop landing at the 5200 block, reinstall the mailbox and bench, and a few utilities still need adjusting in shoulder areas.
While the project is essential “done”, the contractor will continue to have small crews on site doing these smaller work items for the next couple of weeks.   

For more information, contact City Street Engineer Clint Morris at clint.morris@mercergov.org.

(Ed. Note: The information in this article is from a city press release.)

Jerry Gropp Architect AIA September 15, 2012 at 03:21 AM
. These are essential for safety- and function. So glad to see these installed once again. J-


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