City Says Finishing Touches on Island Crest Way Complete by Next Week

Restriping of the roadway, landscaping, moving traffic signs, traffic curbs and minor sidewalk repairs remain the final tasks to be completed.

s construction and "road diet" is nearly complete, according to a press release.

Over the last two weeks, city road crews have raised and patched most of the utility castings along the project and about 80 percent of the new pavement markings have been installed.

"Drivers have likely noticed that construction activity along Island Crest Way is dramatically less than it has been over the last month," said City Streets Engineer Clint Morris. "That is because we are almost done!"

There is still a fair amount of cleanup to do along the project, including minor landscaping, driveway paving and a few small sidewalk areas that need completion.

Next week, the striping contractor will be back to finish the pavement marking work, which will include some minor changes north of Merrimount Drive to complete the transition to the new three-lane configuration. All the traffic markings should be done by the end of next week. Some work that still needs to be completed is installing and/or moving traffic signs, traffic curbs, and the mailbox at 90th Avenue (once the sidewalk is poured). Traffic disruptions from now on should be minor, because the remaining work is relatively small.

(Ed. Note: The information in the article was taken from a city press release.)


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