Autism Doctor Who Ran Redmond Clinic Loses State License

Mark Geier is a Maryland-based doctor who has faced scrutiny in several states for his use of testosterone-suppressing drugs in the treatment of autism.

The Washington State Department of Health has permanently revoked the medical license of a Maryland-based doctor who served as medical director of a Redmond autism clinic called Genetic Consultants of Seattle.

Dr. Mark Geier has faced national scrutiny for his view that autism is caused by abnormally high levels of testosterone. He is known for treating autistic children with Lupron, a drug that is used to lower hormone levels in men with advanced prostate cancer—and has also been used to chemically castrate sex offenders, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A news release from the Washington State Department of Health said Geier opened a clinic in Redmond in late 2010 or early 2011 and subsequently "refused to respond to the (Medical Quality Assurance) Commission’s questions about the clinic and wouldn’t provide patient or billing records for the commission’s review."

The commission indefinitely suspended Geier's license in January 2012 after Maryland officials took similar action. According to the news release, Geier would have been allowed to request reinstatement of his Washington license if his Maryland credentials were restored, but that state permanently revoked his license last month "for, among other reasons, failing to meet the standard of care in his treatment of children with autism."

Julie Graham, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Department of Health, said Geier's licensing troubles extend beyond Maryland and Washington.

“Other states are taking action or have taken action as well,” she said.

A 2009 investigative story in the Chicago Tribune concluded Geier's treatment protocol was "baseless" and "supported only by junk science."

But Joseph A. Schwartz III, Geier's attorney, told the LA Times last year that the controversy surrounding his client amounts to a "bona fide dispute over therapy."

"If you read the (order), you say, 'Holy God, this is awful.' But if it were so awful, they should have an injured child, and they don't," Schwartz told the newspaper.

Graham said state officials believe Geier is no longer practicing at the Redmond clinic, which was located at 16307 NE 83rd St. But she added that the state cannot be sure when Geier stopped providing services because he has refused to hand over any treatment records—"part of the reason he received a permanent revocation,” according to Graham.

Since the time the state's investigation began, different individuals have been listed as the clinic director at Genetic Consultants of Seattle, Graham said. She said officials are now turning their attention to Geier's affiliates.


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