Letter: Elect Maureen Judge for State Senate, 41st District

Resident Mike Maxwell writes in a letter to the editor that Mercer Islander Maureen Judge is campaigning for the 41st District Senate Seat this November, and launched her campaign on June 13.


I am a Mercer Island resident who would like to report an important political development on Mercer Island which has the potential to shake up the local landscape.  

On June 13 Maureen Judge successfully launched her campaign for State Senate representing the 41st Legislative District.

The was abuzz with supporters who enjoyed deli from and remarks from Maureen, as well as State Senators Sharon Nelson and Ed Murray.

Maureen began her remarks stating: “We need a working majority of Democrats who share our values.” Senator Sharon Nelson added: “Maureen will be your champion for fully-funding education, protecting awoman’s right to choose and safegaurding the environment.” And Senator Murray added: “We have a Republican legislator in this district who voted the right way on a certain issue, but we can’t be a single issue party. We need a leader who will vote the right way on all of the issues and that’s Maureen.”  

In addition to Maureen’s many friends and family members, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington members joined the kick-off as well as educators and members of the 41st community including Representative Marcie Maxwell, 41st District Democratic Chair Karol Brown, Rich Erwin, Sharon Mast, Al Garman, Bill Hochberg, Bob & Amanda Clark, Lowell & Nancy Ericsson, Myra Lupton, Marcia Zervis, Claudia Hirshey and many others.

Mike Maxwell


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