Litzow Responds to Court Education Funding Decision

State Sen. Steve Litzow (R-Mercer Island) says he largely agrees with the State Supreme Court ruling that the state legislature is not adequately funding public education.

Responding to the Washington Supreme Court's ruling that to “make ample provision” for basic education,  (R-Mercer Island) issued a statement via press release regarding the McCleary v. State decision.

“Providing for education is state government’s top priority and the court’s decision reflects that," he said. "There are already proposals on the table that would respond to today’s ruling; I am confident that the Senate and House will step up to this challenge and make the significant progress the court wants to see."

Litzow, a former , also currently serves as ranking minority member of the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee,

“I believe we can find bipartisan support for legislation that will not only satisfy the requirements the Supreme Court laid out but would also get us closer to the world-class education system we need and our students deserve. If it’s done right, we could fundamentally shift education funding towards a stable, existing state tax and reduce reliance on less-dependable local school levies. 

“I agree with the court that there is a difference between ‘adequate’ and ‘ample’ when it comes to support for education and our goal should be to exceed the latter. To me the court’s decision is only added incentive to move forward on long-term solutions.”  


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