Washington Driver License Fees Rise

The increases were passed by the 2012 Legislature.

Is your driver's license about to expire or you need a new one? Beginning today, it will cost you a little more to get one in Washington.

The fee for new licenses and renewals is now $45, up from $25.

The license application and examination cost is going up from $20 to $35. The permit fee is also increasing from $20 to $25.

These fee increases, passed by the 2012 State Legislature, are required to continue to fund the operation and maintenance of the roads, streets, bridges, ferries, transit systems, and other services that make up the state's transportation system.

A full list of the increases can be found at the Department of Licensing Web site.

What to do to get your Driver's License

To get your driver's license, you can renew it online if you're eligible, or head to the nearest state Department of Licensing Office located in Bellevue, located at 13133 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005.

To deal with vehicle licensing (vehicle title, plates, handicapped parking permits, etc.), head to Bel-Red Auto Licensing at Crossroads Bellevue shopping center, 15600 NE 8th St Bellevue, WA 98008


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