Clyde Hill Rated Best Suburb in Washington, Real Estate Company Says

Eastside suburb Clyde Hill was second-best nationally in Coldwell Banker's “Top 10 Best Places to Live for Suburbanites,” based on single family homes, local schools and proximity to amenities. Mercer Island was seventh-best in the state.

Clyde Hill ranked second in Coldwell Banker Real Estate's national “Top 10 Best Places to Live for Suburbanites,” according to a press release by the real estate company.

The company ranked more than 11,000 communities across the United States and said Clyde Hill measured well for its percentage of single family homes, options for nearby public and private schools and its close proximity to downtown. The city of Cherry Hills Village, CO was ranked number one.

Mercer Island was ranked seventh in the state, behind Yarrow Point, Woodway and Sammamish (see the national and state rankings below).

The small city of 2,985 people -- tucked in a 15- by 20-block area between Medina and Bellevue that's smaller than 2 square miles -- has an average estimated home value of $1.2 million, according to city demographics. About 89.7 percent of households in Clyde Hill own their homes, according to Coldwell Banker. 

According to Coldwell Banker's ranking criteria, Clyde Hill has 1,026 amenities within a 5-mile radius -- most of which are in Bellevue, Seattle and other cities, since Clyde Hill has two commercial areas, a Tully's Coffee shop and a gas station. Coldwell Banker also highly ranked the schools, which include Clyde Hill Elementary and Chinook Middle School in the Bellevue School District and the private schools of Bellevue Christian School and Sacred Heart School.

The company's listing for best Washington suburbs are almost all Eastside cities, with Medina as the second suburb ranked in the list.

Tell us, do you live or go to school in Clyde Hill? Or do you live in another city and think other criteria should have been weighed? Tell us in the comments.

Coldwell Banker's Best Places for Suburbanites

Coldwell Banker's Best Places for Suburbanites in Washington

Rank City/Town Score (Out of 1,000 Points) 1 Clyde Hill 972.57 2 Medina 941.41 3 Cottage Lake 925.31 4 Yarrow Point 919.40 5 Woodway 904.46 6 Sammamish 899.74 7 Mercer Island 895.42 8 Brier 891.25 9 Union Hill-Novelty Hill 891.17 10 Normandy Park 889.67

-- Source, Coldwell Banker 

Suburban Washington trends

According to data from Onboard Informatics, Coldwell Banker Real Estate identified the following trends among the Washington suburban communities included in the ranking: 

Washington Suburbs Rank High in Safety: Crime is 38 percent less likely in the top 10 Washington suburbs than the national average. 

Washington Suburbanites Eat In More: Washington residents who live in suburbs spend approximately four times more money to make home cooked meals than they do going out to eat. 

More Washington Suburbanites are Homeowners: Approximately 89 percent of people in Washington suburbs own their homes, compared to 67 percent of people nationally. 

Errands Are Easier: The top 10 ranked Washington suburbs have approximately five times as many conveniences and amenities as the national average, such as gas stations, grocery stores and banks, making everyday tasks just a little bit easier. 

Weekends Dedicated to DIY: Residents in the top 10 ranked Washington suburbs are twice as likely as the national average to engage in home improvement and decoration projects. 

Washington Suburbanites are One with NatureA suburb’s landscape certainly has its perks. Residents living in top 10 Washington suburbs are five times more likely to be interested in outdoor activities compared to the national average.

-- Source, Coldwell Banker


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