Bridge the Gap Fundraising Deadline Nears

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation is racing against the clock to raise the final $35,000 of a declared $1.2 million goal in an effort to preserve 20 teaching positions in local schools.

The final day of fundraising has arrived for Mercer Island's public schools and the is literally racing against the clock to raise the last $35,000 they estimate is needed to maintain current staffing for local schools last day for the Mercer Island community to make donations to support our schools by donating to "Bridge the Gap".

So far, the Foundation has raised $966,798 toward the $1 million goal from donors. A goal of raising $1.2 million — the same as in 2011 — was set on April 24 with the , raising a record amount of over $660,000. Local PTAs from each school have also been working hard to raise funds, including school administrators hosting a variety of and even .

A "Challenge Grant" of $200,000 will be added to the fundraising total once the $1 million mark is reached.

The declared goal of the fundraising is to save the jobs of 20 teachers by allowing the Mercer Island School District — thereby keeping local class-sizes lower .

"We are fortunate to live in a community that truly values education," said MISF Executive Director Penny Yantis. "These extremely generous donors have made a very important investment in the future -- our students!"

Donations can be made online at www.mercerislandschoolsfoundation.com/donate


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