Mercer Island High School Earns Golden Apple Award

Public television station KCTS 9 in the annual program designed to honor successful teaching models and programs among Washington state educators

The announced was named a Golden Apple Award winner by public television station KCTS 9, according to a Nov. 2 press release.

The Golden Apple is an annual award designed to honor successful teaching models and programs among Washington state educators. MIHS and Garfield High School in Seattle were selected among six high school nominees statewide for School of Excellence Awards.

“We were very pleased to be nominated for this award,” said Mercer Island School District superintendent Gary Plano, “and absolutely thrilled to be among the winners. Congratulations to our students, teachers, parents and staff at MIHS for their hard work and dedication.”

The Golden Apple Awards, sometimes called the “Academy Awards” for educators, has been airing on KCTS 9 since 1992.

The program features outstanding teachers and programs that showcase the best in education in Washington State. For the 20th Anniversary of the program, KCTS 9 launched a new award category: Golden Apple School of Excellence. This category considers quantitative and qualitative criteria to assess schools in Washington state that are meeting the needs of today’s diverse student populations. The nominees were evaluated by representatives from OSPI, Washington Education Association, Association of School Principals, Washington state PTA, and prior Golden Apple Award winners.

The statewide Golden Apple Awards program is sponsored by KCTS 9 and funded by PEMCO Insurance and the School Employees Credit Union of Washington. The program date will be announced after the first of the year.


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