Passover Message From NYHS Rabbi Bernie Fox

This Friday evening, April 6, marks the beginning of Passover.

Pesach recalls our redemption from Egypt, our development into the Jewish nation, and our possession of the Land of Israel. On Pesach we do not only remember these historical events. At the Seder, we relive them - as though they are contemporary experiences.

Our focus on our origins and our redemption from servitude is significant for two reasons. First, our liberation from bondage was accomplished through great miracles and wonders of an unprecedented and never again equaled magnitude. The events of the exodus, the sojourn in the wilderness, the revelation at Sinai and the possession of the Land of Israel provide compelling evidence of G-d's omnipotence and  providence.

Second, our cognizance of our humble origins provides us with a foundation for compassion and empathy for those who are less fortunate. We recognize that our own success and freedom are not a consequence of our own wisdom, efforts, and ingenuity.  Instead, we were a helpless, broken, and forlorn people. G-d rescued us from destruction and oblivion. Pesach reminds us that we too were once among the poor and unfortunate; they are our brothers and sisters. We must feel and care for those who are less fortunate.

This second message of Pesach is embodied in the opening pronouncement of the Seder. We throw open our doors to all who are hungry or lonely and invite them to join us.

Best wishes for an inspirational Pesach that renews our awareness of G-d and our sense of brotherhood.


Rabbi Bernie Fox

Head of School

Northwest Yeshiva High School


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