Island Crest Way Construction Set to Begin

Work to resurface Island Crest Way between Merrimount Drive and SE 53rd Street is set to start the week of June 25.

After years of debate in — and despite some community voices — construction on the "road diet" could begin as early as next week, according to a city press release.

Work to resurface Island Crest Way between Merrimount Drive and SE 53rd Street is set to start the week of June 25. 

The project will change Island Crest Way to a three-lane configuration: one in each direction with a center two-way turn lane. In addition to repaving and re-striping of the roadway, the scope of this project includes storm drainage repairs and improvements, curb and sidewalk work at street intersections, resurfacing portions of the existing asphalt sidewalks, and crosswalk improvements at SE 46th and SE 48th Streets.

Activities for the first two weeks of construction will include surveying, mobilization, saw cutting, and storm drainage work. Concrete curb and sidewalk work will follow in early July. Paving of the roadway is anticipated to be completed by mid-August, and all work on the project is planned to be finished by Labor Day.

City Council approved the road resurfacing contract with Issaquah-based Lakeside Industries on May 21 at a cost of $1,244,862. The overall project, Island Crest Way Resurfacing Phase 1 — which includes new street lighting, 1% for the arts and design costs — is budgeted at $1,653,797. Island Crest Way Resurfacing Phase 2, scheduled to take place in 2014, will resurface Island Crest Way from Merrimount Drive north all the way up to SE 40th Street. Phase two is currently estimated to cost approximately $1,175,000.

During construction, local residents could face delays, according to the city press release. The roadway will have one traffic lane open in each direction most of the time. Driving delays may vary from day to day, based upon work flo, and the City Hall is asking Island Crest Way users to be aware of moving construction equipment, watch for flaggers, and follow their directions.

Other street repaving projects this summer on Mercer Island include the residential streets of 88th Avenue (from SE 45th to SE 47th Streets), SE 47th Street (from Island Crest Way to 90th Avenue), and 90th Avenue (from 4600 to 5200 blocks). Paving of these streets will occur in late summer, after the resurfacing of Island Crest Way has been completed.

For more information about these projects, contact Clint Morris, Street Engineer, at clint.morris@mercergov.org.

— Information in this article is based on a City of Mercer Island press release

Jerry Gropp Architect AIA July 02, 2012 at 09:17 PM
. Jeff- To this architect- (and most architects)- functionality as well as attractiveness really must always be combined & co-joined with "responsible expense". This was taught the very first day in UW Architecture School. J-
Jon H July 03, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Really just need to review Section 1, Chapter 7 to get a feel for the sort of 'planning' objectives around this thing. Much of the cover is provided under the flag of 'green'. But you will find data lacking for many of the initiatives that have been spawned from the agenda. For example, one section: "(c) Develop fiscal incentives and land-use control measures, including land-use planning solutions for a more rational and environmentally sound use of limited land resources; " WHO decides what these things will be? How much energy will be wasted due to cars backing up? The only number I have seen is a an average decrease in transit time, well tell me about that average during rush hour! As I stated in my original post on this, I just hope this is spread across the island so that everyone gets a taste.
Jon H July 03, 2012 at 06:39 AM
Functional first. Aesthetics and more importantly political objectives (especially those established outside the community) should be a secondary consideration.
Jerry Gropp Architect AIA July 04, 2012 at 08:30 PM
Councilman Cero- I'm glad to see that you read Patch. Hopefully you'll be able to steer the Island Crest redo to something as attractive as the South part is now. The way it's going has me worried. What's been redone (so far) is far from attractive- and no more functional. J-
Ira B. Appelman July 06, 2012 at 02:42 AM
@Mike. Just a brief response to Mike's claim that the City staff is "very good" (and thus the City Council is very good!!) with taxpayer money because projects are done "under budget." Since Islanders as a group don't pay any attention to the City Council, Islanders are vulnerable to this type of dishonest nonsense. City staff sets the budget and pads the budget so the final amount spent is almost always less than the budget. If the budget, however estimated, was an honest (i.e. unbiased) estimate of how much will eventually be spent, then the actual results would approximate a normal distribution about the estimate. That is, the results would sometimes be greater than the budget and sometimes less. How can the City suspend the laws of probability? Simple. The padded budget is almost always greater than the actual amount spent, which sets up the deceptive farce of the City Council congratulating staff (and more importantly congratulating itself, the City Council!!) for being so fiscally "responsible." An alternative measure of staff efficiency would be to compare how long it took staff to install the traffic lights in the Town Center (SE 27th and 77th Ave SE and 78 Ave SE) with how long it takes neighboring communities to install traffic lights. How did you do there, Councilmember Cero? Of course, Mike is correct in criticizing the City Council for spending the so-called "savings," which included borrowed funds, which we could have paid back to reduce debt.


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