MI Parks and Recreation Partners with Family Activity Website Funnerator

Mercer Island's busy parents will find a "quick and convenient experience" using the web-based startup's tools to find and take part in Parks & Rec programs, say city officials.

The Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department and Seattle based internet start-up Funnerator announced a new partnership to help residents register for programs, according to a press release.

Funnerator offers a web-based, family activity planning tool that will help Island families plan and coordinate all the various classes, events, and activities offered by the Department.

Funnerator is a website that allows parents to plan youth activities by organizing all the registration information in one place on the web then streamlining enrollment. The partnership, according to the city, will bring together the rich assortment of hundreds of annual activities and programs offered by the Department with Funnerator's comprehensive set of tools for discovery and registration. 

"When busy parents are looking for activities for their children, they want a quick and convenient experience," said Diane Mortenson, Parks and Recreation Superintendent. "Funnerator offers both, plus it is user friendly, engaging, and a great place to find fun in a variety of areas. We look forward to partnering with them to promote what we have to offer here on Mercer Island,"

For additional information about Mercer Island Parks and Recreation, visit the City website here.

(Ed. Note: The information in this article is from a city press release.)


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